The 2Do Switch

I have tried and used many task-managers over the years, and even though all worked well, none of them made me happy. It might be that 2Do may be the right app for me.

I have tried and used many task-managers over the years, and even though all worked well, none of them made me happy. It might be that 2Do may be the right app for me.

It seems that my time with Todoist is about to come to an end and I am currently in the process of moving over to 2Do. I have heard and read many good things about it, and since I had purchased it in the past already, I finally gave it a try and so far enjoying it a lot.

A lot has been written about the app already, and I can’t certainly add anything new here, other than the app can be both simple and complex. Obviously there is a bit of a learning curve there, but there are some very good articles around which are very helpful:

What I like the most about the app so far is that I can set it up the way which works the best for me. I can use Tags, Lists and most of Smart Lists. Think of the latter as Perspectives.

Also it is from my testing of different task-managers the one of the few which allow me to see most of the important data for one specific task, as for example Notes (which I like to use) in one glance. Additionally is has a good support for external keyboards on iOS, which is how I like to work on the iPad. And then there is the Email to 2Do feature, which looks too good to be true.

I have used the app only for a couple of days, but what I can say is that I like it a lot already and I looking forward to learn more about it.

Pocket Casts Update

It took a while but today Pocket Casts was updated to version 6.0 on iOS.

It long has been my favorite podcast client, but recently I used overcast for the lack of Smart Speed in Pocket Casts on iOS. The latest update added this functionality alongside an UI overhaul, including a beautiful dark theme.

Also the iOS got statistics as it already had on Android. I’m a huge fan of things like this. I know now that I have listened 9 days and 10 hours of podcasts since January.

Finally ‘got’ Start Dates

2Do is a great task manager which lets me work the way I want to. So far I have not run into something that I need or want, that it doesn’t do. In fact, there are many useful features in the app which are a bit hidden and not obvious in the first place.

While trying to learn some tricks about the app I listened to Episode 66 of Nerds on Draft and in return not only got to know the app a bit better but also learned something and even more useful: I finally got how to use Start Dates.

I have been familiar with the concept of Start Dates in GTD, but it never really made sense to me, hence never used them.
After listening to Gabe and Jeff talk about it’s implementaion in 2DO1 it finally clicked. Seeing them more as a In Progress makes a lot sense to me.

I already wonder how I could be doing without so far.

  1. I’m not sure at which point of development the app was when the podcast weas recorded, but I like the current implementation of Start Dates in 2Do and will certainly make a lot of use of them in the future. 

Tiny devices running iOS 4

I found more devices hidden in some boxes:

The iPod is not booting anymore, but the iPod Touch (running iOS 3.1.3) and the iPhone 3 and the 3GS running iOS 4.2.1 are still booting.

It’s funny to hold them in the hands. They are really tiny and somehow feel old even though it’s not that long ago I used them.

The One With The Reader (continued)

A few weeks ago I learned about Inoreader and it completely transformed my RSS-reading and my overall social media consumption. It almost feels like going back to the ‘old days’, but in a good way.

A few weeks ago I learned about Inoreader and it completely transformed my RSS-reading and my overall social media consumption. It almost feels like going back to the ‘old days’, but in a good way.

For many years reading my RSS feed had been an important part of my daily routine. I spent a lot of time in Google Reader, yet, when it closed I didn’t moan that much. It was sad to see it go, but I started to use different services and got over it. I ran through a couple, and eventually stuck more or less with Feedly. It didn’t make me happy but it worked.

I can’t really pinpoint a reason why, but even though I moved my subscriptions from one service to the other and then over to Feedly, reading my feeds somehow had lost it’s mojo. Ultimately I increasingly used a combination of Twitter and Flipboard/Nuzzle (or similar services) in addition to reading my RSS subscriptions.

This turned out to be rather ineffective, full of duplicates and most of all: too time comsuming. Since I anyway checked-in on my Twitter feed a few times a day, eventually my RSS consumption reduced from a few times a to maybe once a day.

This has been going on for a while and and it became somewhat annoying.

In comes Inoreader

I started to use Inoreader a bit more than a month ago and it changed my whole reading habits for the better. I gave the app a fair try during those weeks and, oh man, have I missed my mostly RSS-only workflow. It feels like in the old days, but in a good way.

The app/service is fast and already offers a lot of functionality in the free account1, and with it’s rich set of keyboard shortcuts2 I can browse through my feeds in a short time.

One of the greatest features for me is tagging. While reading I can quickly assign a certain tag to any post that I want to refer to later or simply to anything with. Extra cool bonus: with these I could trigger IFTTT actions if I would like to do so. Also I am looking forward to explore the filter- and keyword-feature but haven’t gone around that yet.

How it refreshed my Social Media Stream?

I have found my old enthusiasm for reading my RSS feed again, and while I was already at it, I did some long overdue feed-maintance. With the statistics tool provided by Inoreader, I can see which feeds are either defunct or haven’t been updated in a long time. This helped me to get rid of some old, abandoned feeds.

Once that was done, I went through my Twitter feed and lists and subscribed to all the blog/sites that were not yet in my RSS feed and unfollowed them from Twitter. This way there’s a lot less redundant posts and my Twitter timeline became a whole lot nicer.


I’m not huge on Newsletters, but the few that I am subscribed to, I added via the Mail2Tag feature to Inoreader as well. Result: a slighlty cleaner inbox and news there where I read them anyway. I actually added a few more newsletters in the process.

How could I improve my Setup?

Now that I have cleaned up my feeds, my Twitter stream and my Inbox, I actually should start organize my feeds and set up some filters. But that’s something that I will do later, up to know I am very satisfied they way it is.

Inoreader has apps for iOS and Android and I like to use the native apps on my phone (both on Android and iOS), on the iPad though I prefer to use it in my browser. I like to work more desktop-ey on the iPad and the app does work well in the browser, which means I have access to all the keyboard shortcuts when I use an external keyboard.

Another thing that I find very positive, is, that the app/service received a couple of updates during the time that I wrote this3. This is very nice, because it at least shows to me, that the service is under active development, which is always a good thing.

If you haven’t gotten it yet, I am very happy using the app and will definitely subscribe to one of the paid plans once the trial period is over.

  1. In fact, the app has a lot of features which I at this point, still don’t really take advantage of. 
  2. They also work in the browser on iOS, yay! 
  3. It turned out that I really took my time with this post. 

5s Time

In a spur of a moment I started to use my old iPhone 5s again. After using 5+ inch devices for a year and a half I have a hard time using such a small device. It still works fine though. Now trying to replicate my Android setup with Launch Center Pro. Yeah, tinkering.

‘This Set is meant for Parker enthusiasts’

Marc Myers reviews ‘Bird Unheard’:

It’s probably fair to say that this set is meant for Parker enthusiasts— those who have spent years listening to the Verve master takes and have the solos by Parker and his sidemen committed to memory. The average listener would likely be left mystified by the material, since listening to Parker attempt songs over and over is akin to repeatedly asking diners to try failed dishes. […]
Students of Parker (myself included) will find much of this material fascinating. […] Even when struggling to develop what he was trying to achieve, Parker sounded tireless and in command.

I got the shipping confirmation for mine already two weeks ago, yet it is not bound to arrive before August. Wondering how it got shipped. In the meanwhile this great review on Jazz Wax will have to do.