The Books I finished in 2016

During this year I managed to read a lot more than I had anticipated. I take this as a good thing.

Two years back I realized that I by far don’t read enough and started to do something about it. And even though I made some progress in 2015 I challenged myself to at least read one more book than I did in 2015. Seven books would suffice, which seemed manageable.

So, I did what every reasonable person would do and had set a goal in my Google Calendar app to read every day. Getting a daily reminder wasin the beginning rather helpful to get into a daily routine. At some point during the summer I realized that I started to skip watching TV in the evenings and rather sat down to read which I now prefer. Also listing my currently read book to my /NOW page might have been some extra motivation.

Either way, the strategy seemed to have worked and I managed to finish 16 17 books, which is far more than I had expected when I set out for the challenge. That said, it is still early in December and I might be able to add one or two more books to the list before the month is over.

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My Podcast List for 2016

The list of the podcasts that made it to the end of this year.

It’s December and and it is time to post another My Favourite Podcast Post. My subscription list has been again going through some changes since I am enjoying Audio Dramas audio dramas at them moment and my subscriptions reflect that.

While some of the shows are on a season break at the moment (but will hopefully continue in the near future), some others are either finished, in stasis or probably discontinued. From the latter I have included those, which I have been listening to during this year.

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I was eyeballing this domain since it was announced and got almost the one that I wanted

WordPress had announced the new .blog top-level domain already months and I was interested in one from the beginning. I refrained though during the pre-register period to reserve my desired domain. The pre-register pricing was simply too high.

Anyway, since yesterday the domains are available to purchase, and, even though my desired domain was naturally taken already, I got the next best thing:

It’s live and already re-directs to my current domain, I still have to think a little wether or not I like to use it as my primary domain, but a re-design is coming up and that might be both a good time to use the domain as well.

Upcoming new Google Music

Google just announced a new and updated version of Google and it looks really nice and seems to sport some nifty new features.

I have long been using Google Music (in fact listening on it at this very moment) and like it from all the streaming services the best, not alone to the fact that I can upload my own music. I have some music in my collection which is on no streaming service, and with Google Music I can actually listen to it everywhere. Something that I never got to work properly with iTunes match.

106 Days

My time back on iOS didn’t lasted very long. 106 days to be precise.

In the beginning of the year I switched to Android and was very happy and satisfied with the whole experience. I like Android as an OS, I like the integration with all the Google services, the awesomeness of Google Now and the fact that I can customize it to my liking. To make it work just right for me.

Then, after seven months, I was, for some artificial reason, in the belief that I really need to have access to a certain set of applications on the phone. Applications that were (still are and probably never will be) not available on Android. So I did, what I always do, jump ship and switched back to iOS.

Now, 3 months and 14 days later, I went back to an Android phone and I couldn’t be happier with my decision. It turned out, that my time back on iOS wasn’t as satisfying as I expected and the need for those apps not as important in grand scheme of things.

In the process I got me a new phone, a OnePlus 3, and it took me only little time to get all the apps on there that I need and until I had my Android Wear watch setup the way I wanted. Next step was installing Action Launcher to make a nice and highly functional home-screen in the style of the Pixel Launcher.


I’m still re-arranging the some of the apps and I will customize a bit more, but other than that the setup is similar to the one I had in the beginning of the year.

M.R. James – (Audio)Books

I discovered this author and his work just in time for Halloween

The other day I was listening to the Q&A episode of The Magnus Archives and the writer of the show, Jonathan Sims, mentioned M.R. James as his major influence, an author I was absolutely not familiar with.

I thoroughly enjoy the writing and the style of The Magnus Archives, it has this classy style of horror-writing that I enjoy a lot, hence it was obvious that I had to have a look at the writing of M.R. James. I have to say, that I’m happy that I did.

Anyway, one search led to another and I quickly found audiobooks of his stories both on Spotify as well as some free Kindle books.

I have had only little time to do some reading 1, but I did listen to a few stories as audiobook, and am now looking forward to read/listen more as I enjoy these stories a lot.

  1. I want to finish my current book, The Historian first.