Thinking About Linking

Despite the ease of sharing a link to any (or even all at once) of my social media accounts I generally prefer to share links here on the blog. It »

Jazz Dispute

The video Jazz Dispute by Jeremiah McDonald is with it's 8 years probably almost historic in internet-years. I watched for the first time few years ago and for some reason »

“You don't have to use a pint-glass”

In this short video Bob Reynolds explains How to soak reeds. Everything is there: from the white paper trick over to rubbing the grains back into reed and how to »

"Physical media’s ship has sailed"

Khoi Vinh in What Streaming Music Can Be: Having a record in your collection meant that you could spend time poring over its liner notes: familiarizing yourself with the names »

Failed Prediction

Prediction: 2:1. Early lead for GER followed by boring 1. period. ARG scores in 2 period. Exiting last 5min. Then GER in 2:1 in extra time.— Sven »

Origami Workstation

A little bit of follow-up. In the meanwhile the ordered Origami Workstation has arrived and I'm actually very satisfied with it and the resulting setup. It's just as simple as »