Jazz Dispute

The video Jazz Dispute by Jeremiah McDonald is with it's 8 years probably almost historic in internet-years. I watched for the first time few years ago and for some reason it came to my mind again the other day. It hasn't lost any of it's original appeal and I thought I could share here.

“You don't have to use a pint-glass”

In this short video Bob Reynolds explains How to soak reeds. Everything is there: from the white paper trick over to rubbing the grains back into reed and how to position the reed in the glass during the soaking process. I myself wasn't familiar with the latter. Well worth a minute or so of your time.

As a bonus I'd recommend having a look at the break-in and maintenance recommendations for saxophone reeds on Alexander Superial's site. It's similar and I had good results with this routine.

"Physical media’s ship has sailed"

Khoi Vinh in What Streaming Music Can Be:

Having a record in your collection meant that you could spend time poring over its liner notes: familiarizing yourself with the names of musicians, producers, engineers, and managers; memorizing lyrics; and studying photos of musicians’ faces, stances and attire. These were the intangible qualities that made music more than just a service, but something to be collected.

I enjoyed reading this very thoughtful written article and the author has a lot of excellent points. I myself also enjoy streaming music services and my stomach equally turns "when I think back to my old collections of vinyl and CDs" ...

What bothers me the most about streaming services is the lack of ownership. It's simply renting music, but that will be in another post.

Failed Prediction

Apparently I was wrong. Which is no surprise and also one of the reasons I never won at the races. Great game and gratulations at the team.

Origami Workstation

A little bit of follow-up. In the meanwhile the ordered Origami Workstation has arrived and I'm actually very satisfied with it and the resulting setup. It's just as simple as I want it to be. Perfect! It would be neat if there would be generally more support for keyboard shortcuts… »

"I'm The Problem"

Michael Lopp in I'm The Problem:

I eagerly evaluate every new productivity solution that shows up because I truly want them to be “the one,” but after doing this for over a decade, I’m certain the tool isn’t the problem. I am.

I can relate a lot to this post. My needs in a task-manager are admittedly not very high, yet I’m still frequently switching between Task managers and or/trying a new one. But then again, if you follow this blog you already know that, and the problem pretty much is me as well.