I Should Have Known Better - Part II

My stint over to Ulysses III was a short one. It's a great app which I like a lot and gladly recommend to anyone but Writer »

Ah, gravity! You are an heartless bitch.

Sheldon Cooper

Things happened

It is not (yet) the version 3.0 that I was hoping for but after it’s latest updates to both iOS and OSX I thought »

On Dr.Who

Even though the series has been around since forever, I think that I, before recently of course, never knowingly watched an episode of the series. Considered »

Faster saving to Things and Spillo from Safari

One of the many new features in Yosemite are the share sheet extensions, similar to the ones in iOS. At the moment I have two applications »

‘The bear Came Around and His Arm went over the Saxophone Section’

On Wasted Years on Blank on Blank is an animated interview with Stan Getz. The video is an adaptation of an interview hosted by Joe Smith »