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Fontello - Icon fonts generator

I'm currently working on a little re-design of this blog and this tool is just what I was looking for. It simply let's one select specific icons from a set of different icon-fonts and then generates a custom icon-font from those. Perfect!

It always seemed unreasonable to me to load a whole font with 100+ icons when I actually only need five or six of them. Very neat.

A Little Side-Note

During the last few weeks I realised that the more I use Twitter the the more I start to use my account again. I guess I can’t give up on anything. I have been working on this blog’s theme for a while and took advantage of… READ MORE

On Podcasts

My last post in this category is by now about two years ago and it's time for another Podcast post. Suffice to say, that I'm still hooked on Podcasts. I listen to them every day and regularly look for and try some new and interesting ones. When I looked at… READ MORE

Rediscovered photos of John Coltrane

Stewart still has the Rolleiflex camera he used at the session, and the contact sheets as well. Many of the images he shot have been seen on CDs, as well as in numerous books and magazine articles. But 72 photographs from six rolls of film never made it beyond the contact-sheet stage, and so haven’t been published.

A great series of images from the recording of A Love Supreme. Would love to see the rest of them

Butcher's what?

Cockney Rhyming Slang: I never new that something like even this existed, but thanks to International Waters I am a tad wiser.

I was having a real bubble listening to the episode and learning about that. You might want to have a butcher's at the wind and kite yourself.

Silly funny things these are, don't think there's anything like that in my language.

I Sure Was Wrong

I do this over and over again, yet I never really draw any consequences off of that: I rage-quit. Easily and honestly too often. Simply put, I often find myself in the dumb mindset of a much younger me. Not sure is this something to be particular proud of. I'll… READ MORE