‘Future-you will give in’

David McRaney in Procrastination: You can try to fight it back. You can buy a daily planner and a to-do list application for your phone. You can write yourself notes »

The 'Whooshing' Sound

I love deadlines. I like the whooshing sound they make as they fly by. Douglas Adams Haven’t heard that whooshing sound (yet) but am obviously burning the midnight oil »

'Save as PDF' shortcut

I know this is an old one but as I’m just preparing my work for the next year this keyboard-shortcut has saved me a lot clicks today. David Sparks »

’At least they are useful’ - On Text Expander Snippets

During the last week I ran into this article by Zach Holmquist on Twitter which I found both helpful and inspiring. The way he describes categorising abbreviations makes totally sense »

Ghost-Admin Keyboard Shortcuts

I do like my keyboard shortcuts and recently found the keyboard shortcuts for the Ghost editor. Since the soon to be released version 0.5 the list comes in handy »

A Session To Remember

It's rare enough of an occasion that someone like Joe Lovano performs around here, let alone shows up on the Jam Session. So rare, that I almost forgot that I »