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I’m Sven and this is my blog. Here you find all those Articles that I sweated over writing, my old Photojournals, the Linkblog, everything else in the Asides and of course my photo-galleries should you have come for those.

You can learn a bit more about me and the question what’s going on right now is answered here.

Featured Articles:

Home-Screen for February 2016 - While my home-screens during the last few months were rather similar, this month's is quite a bit different.
A few more Atom.io Packages for Markdown Editing - The other day I have been looking again at my Atom.io setup for writing Markdown and found a few more nice packages for it.
Coffee Withdrawal - So, I stopped drinking coffee. It wasn't as hard as I thought and I noticed some interesting things since then.
And Some More Stats - Who doesn't like statistics, especially when you don't have to collect the data yourself? Recently I have received my Todoist statistics and thanks to Pocket Casts have gotten some insights into my podcast-listening habits.
Home-Screen for January 2016 - With the imminent arrival of my new phone, this will be the last iOS homescreen for a while.
Some Stats - At the end of the year Wordpress.com always comes up with a nice infographic. Here are some bits of it.
/Now - Over the course of the last few months "/Now"-Pages showed up in many places. Well, here's mine.

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