I Know Myself Too Well

A few weeks ago, I planned, inspired by a post by Matt Mullenweg, to post one post a day for a certain amount of time. In »

Nice New Feature in Safari

I have tweaked, fiddled and fumbled with theme of this theme a lot. While some decisions that I had made in the past were easy, some »

Outsmarting Myself with Custom Keyboard Shortcuts

Another week and again another text-editor. Sigh, I almost hate myself for that. Seriously. But I guess that’s just the way I roll but I »

My Favourite Pizza Toppings

I fiddle! I admit. I seriously fiddle with everything! It's not only blog templates, text editors (currently again, I know), task-managers or finding a great writing »

'Scattered Among Millions of Micro Posts'

Manton Reece in The unremarkable yesterday: Yesterday was unremarkable only because we’re too close to it. Later we’ll understand that it meant everything. And »

I’m running the public Yosemite beta for a while and just made for the first time a phone call via the phone on my MacBook. This is totally awesome technology.