A Little More On MuseScore

I haven't had as much time to work MuseScore as I would have liked to and specifically haven't had the time to really sit down and check it out. I instead rather try to use it in my work as if I have always been using it. Good news is that I hardly notice any difference, learn on-the-go and am currently at the point at which I learn something new every time I use. Often I was surprised how easy certain tasks are accomplished. These moments of jeij, that's how it works though were still preceded »

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Ghost 0.6 and some Spiffy New Things on the Blog

In the recent past I have shied away from posting every time there had been some changes to the blog. Frankly this is because I am at least once a week tinkering with the theme1 which eventually would result into an excessive amount of posts.

Today I am though happy to tell you that I have become quite close to the way I want the theme to be. Yeah, who would have thought.

During the night Ghost 0.6 was released which enabled a slew of nice new features and amongst them: Post-Navigation. I have been looking forward to this feature.

Very nice! Needless to say that I immediately implemented this into my theme, which is in fact a at this point pretty customised version of Ghost's already beautiful default theme: Casper2.

Ghost continues to be blogging-platform that I enjoy the most and I am looking forward to what comes up in the future.

  1. Turns out that I can get surprisingly picky from time to time.

  2. For the one or two

When The Drive Stopped Driving

Note: After writing and before publishing this article iOS 8.3 got released, which might or might not have fixed the issues described. It is a bit like Schrödinger’s cat. But I wrote it and »

'You Know My Shit, huh?'

Christian McBride had been on countless of the records that I have been listening over the years and I was (positively) surprised to learn that, with The Gig, he did a talk on the Moth.

I generally enjoy interviews and these kind of behind-the-scenes stories and listening how he came to play with Freddie Hubbard was both interesting and inspiring.

It's a very nice story to listen to and there’s a lot to learn in there as well.