The Typewriter Men

In The Last of the Typewriter Men: Well aware of his status as a walking anachronism, Schweitzer, 76, now fixes approximately 20 typewriters a week. Some »

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Before They Disintegrate

The other day I got a new T-Shirt and this was again a reminder how many of my tees had become a favourite. The go-to shirt. »

The Lego Engineer: The Lego App That I Am Waiting For

Lego is awesome. It was when I was a kid and it is even more so now. In fact it is even cooler now than back »

The Aroma Of Coffee

Infographics are fun, obviously informing and when done nicely, a joy to look at and the other day I ran into one about the Aroma of »

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Audiobooks On Spotify

Yes, at some point I knew already that one can find audiobooks on Spotify, but it obviously has slipped my mind and I simply haven't had »

Star Trek Next Generation Lock Screens

Even though I fiddle around quite a bit with my home screen setup and put unreasonable amount of time rethinking it, I am happily using the »

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