The Podcast-Client Dilemma

Today I have reached a peak-crisis Podcast client situation. I never would have thought that this is even possible. During the last 14 hours I used, »

I Should Have Known Better Part 3 - aka A Ghost Story

I remember it pretty clear. I got access to Ghost a little before Christmas in 2013. After trying it only for a couple of days I »

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I Got Mail

Jeij, I got the Ulysses stickers last week. Thanks to the Ulysses team and greetings to Leipzig! Now I only have to figure where to stick »


My search for fresh podcasts continues, yet seems I only run into shows that have been discontinued already. This is not a bad thing, as it »

Exploring Mind Mapping

I have been intrigued by the idea of Mind Mapping for a while, and despite a few humble efforts I never really got it. Usually it »

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There Goes That

From the Realmac blog: Unfortunately, Ember for iOS has never done as well as we’d like, and simply doesn’t earn enough revenue to pay »